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With so many moving parts inside the engine requiring lubrication, it is important to make sure your engine has the right motor oil to stay protected. There are many brands, types, and grades of motor oil. Sorting out what motor oil is best for your specific vehicle may seem confusing, but it is much more simple if you are well informed. Today we'll share some important information you should keep in mind when choosing engine oil for your vehicle.

Choose Synthetic Oil For Quality Engine Lubrication

The first thing you need to consider is what type of motor oil you want to put in your engine. Many times people will just run by the motor oil aisle and grab the cheapest bottle, but this isn´t exactly the smartest thing to do. There are three main types of motor oil. Conventional motor oil, also known as regular motor oil or petroleum based motor oil, synthetic blend oil, and full synthetic oil. We always recommend that you use full synthetic oil regardless of what type of vehicle you drive or how new or old it is because of the incredible benefits it provides.

The 3 Main Types of Motor Oils

  • Conventional motor oil. This type of motor oil is the most common and is usually the cheapest. It is petroleum based and contains mineral traces. It does go through a refining and filtering process but it is not as extensive because it would be both impractical and cost inefficient to keep filtering it over and over again. It does go through several filtering cycles and refining processes but its core structure remains. Due to this, it is much more unstable than other motor oils. This means that its lubricating and protective properties are easily worn out when confronted with rough conditions. The elevated heat, harsh cold, and difficult driving conditions can all contribute to the faster deterioration of the regular motor oil.
  • Synthetic blend oil. This type of motor oil is exactly what the name states. It is a blend of regular motor oil with a portion of synthetic oil. The benefits do slightly increase due to the stronger resilience  of synthetic oil. However, they do not compare to those of full synthetic oil. Synthetic blend motor oil does still provide friction protection and lubrication and will withstand some conditions that regular motor oil won't. The problem is that it doesn't provide all the complete benefits that true synthetic oil can and the price does not always justify the minor improvements.
  • Full synthetic motor oil. For incomparable stability, resistance, and total protection, you need full synthetic oil. The many benefits it provides are truly a wise investment. First, it coats and completely lubricates all the parts that require it without sacrificing its properties when facing intense heat or cold. It also performs effortlessly when the engine is under severe driving conditions or other circumstances. This allows it to always keep the engine protected and provides a cushion against heat and friction that most oils can't offer. The excellent level of lubrication it provides results in the facilitation of many engine functions such as faster and smoother movements that improve horsepower as well as reducing the effort demanded of the engine which can also reduce gasoline consumption. These are just a few of the many advantages that full synthetic oil offers. To learn more about how you can benefit from synthetic oil, start using the best synthetic oil. Use AMSOIL full synthetic oil and experience the difference for yourself. Contact us today and learn about our offers.

Select a Synthetic Oil With the Correct Viscosity Rating

Once you choose the right type of motor oil you need to find the right type of viscosity that your engine requires. The viscosity is the thickness or thinness of the oil. This determines how slow or fast your oil flows inside the engine. The viscosity grade is usually on the label next to the letters SAE or ¨SAE grade.¨ Some regular motor oils will only have one number, that number stands for the rate at which the oil flows. The higher the number the slower the oil flows. However, other bottles have two numbers one that stands before a W and one that stands after that. In those cases, the first number is how fast it flows under cold temperatures during the winter and the second number is the normal rating. The lower the number before the W the faster it will flow in the winter cold. It is important that you look at your owner's manual and follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the motor oil grade that your engine requires.

The Perfect Motor Oil for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Weeki Wachee

Visit our AMSOIL online store and be sure to select the right type of oil grade and full synthetic for your engine. You can also click here, to visit our online guide and look up the requirements for your specific vehicle. Contact T's Advanced Synthetics today at (727) 798-8552 and ask for direct assistance in choosing the ideal motor oil for your synthetic oil change.

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