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Advice for a Safer Dirt Bike Ride

Going out on the road and getting to drive your dirt bike on more difficult trails and new paths is bound to be an incredible adventure. However, as always, safety should be first. It is necessary to consider the importance of good maintenance and other safety precautions you should take before heading out. Today we want to share some advice to help you have a safer experience when using your dirt bike.

Get to Know Your Bike Well Before Heading on More Difficult Trails

Whether you are starting out or have years of experience, getting to know your dirt bike is one of the most important aspects for safer riding. For beginners, it is important that they start out by reading the owner´s manual and getting to know every part of their bike, very well. More experienced riders will most likely be very familiar with their bike and the different components of it. Yet, in addition to this, it is necessary that they stay well aware of the feel of their bike. This means that any unusual noise, abnormal trembling or shaky feel in their vehicle should be immediately detected. Being able to detect any of this unusual reactions in the dirt bike can help you stop the vehicle before something goes wrong.

Inspect Your Bike Before Heading Out

No matter how well you maintain your dirt bike, always check the state of the tires, brakes, chains, and fluids before you head for the trail. Regular oil checks and periodic oil changes should be part of your routine. Do not add oil without first checking your owner´s manual. It should state what type of oil your bike requires and how to select the proper grade (in the case of a 4-stroke bike) or the right pre-mix or ration (in the case of a 2-stroke). Regardless of the type of dirt bike you own, synthetic oil is always a good option for a more well-lubricated and enhanced engine. Contact T's Advanced Synthetics to select the best AMSOIL synthetic oil for your 2-stroke or 4-stroke dirt bike.

Always Wear the Right Gear

Another important aspect of riding safely is wearing the right gear. This includes everything from using the proper helmet to wearing the right shoes. The helmet is always a must and it is best that it has a face shield. If it doesn´t then goggles are a must. Try to make sure that the helmet you use is in check with the standards established by the U.S. Department of Transportation. If it is, it will most likely have a ¨DOT¨ label on it. Wearing knee pads and chest and shoulder pads is also a good way to avoid severe injury in case of an accident. Ensure that your clothing fits you adequately and that it isn´t so tight that you are unable to maneuver the bike correctly. It should also not be so loose that it can get caught easily when passing through more wild trails. Using the right shoes is also important as they should be able to have a comfortable grip on the pedals and not slip easily.

Plan Ahead of Time and Don´t Expose Yourself to Danger

The conditions that you ride in are also important. Check the weather and plan ahead of time. If you are riding on a new trail and the terrain is beyond your abilities or exposes hazards that are unfit for any rider then avoid placing yourself at risk and turn around or find a less hazardous path. Very steep hills, excess mud, snow, or rain are all conditions that can place you at great risk and should be avoided for a safer drive.

Take a Course and Get Updated on Dirt Bike Safety

Practice is important but just heading out to ride on your own is not always the smartest choice. It is always best to take a course and get updated with all dirt bike safety, standards, and any new regulations. Even if you have been riding for a while, taking a course may help you freshen up some information and might provide new information that can be quite helpful. For more information on training options, visit Yamaha´s list, here.

Get the Best Synthetic Oil Change for Your Dirt Bike

Remember that inspecting your bike is something that should not be neglected before heading out, but don´t wait until the last minute to do so. Have your dirt bike maintained regularly and inspect it ahead of time so that if something is wrong you can have it fixed properly. Call (727) 798-8552 and find all the products you need to keep your dirt bike in great conditions.

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