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Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Engine Maintenance Tasks

No matter how good your vehicle looks on the outside, it is the inside that really counts when it comes to performance. Maintaining the engine in the best condition possible will keep your vehicle on the road for a long time and without problems. That is why today at T's Advanced Synthetics, we want to discuss synthetic oil changes and some other necessary components of engine maintenance.

Check the Oil and Do Not Prolong Oil Changes

The motor oil in your engine does a lot to keep the engine safe. It lubricates, helps keep the engine cool, protects against impurities, and promotes higher efficiency within the engine parts. However, there are several things that can prevent the oil from doing its job. Not having enough oil and not changing it as needed are two factors that reduce the protective properties that motor oil should provide for the engine. Making sure that you check and change the oil as needed will allow it to continue lubricating. Check the oil routinely around every 4 or 5 weeks or even every 3 weeks if you notice any inconsistencies. Oil checks allow you to notice if the oil levels are below normal so that you can add more oil when required. Doing so also lets you see if the oil is dirty and worn out. The filthier the oil feels and looks, the more necessary it is to change it.

Use Synthetic Oil For Better Lubrication and More Durable Protection

If your engine uses conventional oil or a synthetic blend oil the need to change the oil often will be greater. It is best to constantly keep an eye out on what state the oil is in so that you can be sure to replace it before it becomes completely unproductive. Depending on your motor, the driving conditions, and the quality of the synthetic oil you use, you may be able to go up to a year without having to change your oil when using a full synthetic oil. AMSOIL carries several long lasting synthetic oils such as AMSOIL Signature Series that allow you to prolong oil change intervals to around 25,000 miles. Start using high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil for the best protection and greater benefits. Contact us now or visit the online AMSOIL store to select the best items for the maintenance of your engine.

Replace the Oil Filter When Needed

The entire lubrication system plays an important role in the protection of the engine, this includes the oil filter. The oil filter traps most impurities and other particles that may harm the engine. Synthetic oil is especially effective in removing sludge, dirt and other gunk that may have accumulated in the engine when the oil passed through the oil filter. The oil filter gathers these particles and retains them so cleaning out the oil filter and replacing periodically are important tasks. If too much dirt or soot accumulates in your oil filter, it will no longer be able to weed out the impurities and may end up contaminating the oil instead. The oil filter should be replaced at least during every oil change.

Make Sure the Cooling System is Working Well

The cooling system of the engine also carries out an important role. The radiator, water pump, thermostat, and coolant work to keep the engine cool and prevent it from overheating. Since the engine works pretty hard during long or intense drives, the heat inside it can intensify. It is crucial that the temperatures do not elevate to a dangerous degree, otherwise the engine could suffer a breakdown. Making sure that all parts of the cooling system are in working order and checking that there is always enough coolant is a good way to prevent overheating.

Keep the Air Filter in Good Conditions

You may not know this but it is crucial that the engine receives a constant air flow. The engine needs air and oxygen to carry out certain functions, this is why the air filter must retain all the debris coming in with the air. Bits of leaves, dirt, and other debris get trapped in the air filter to avoid them from getting into crucial areas of the engine. Just like it is important to change the oil filter, the air filter also needs to be kept clean and working well. The air filter normally lasts a good while, but it doesn´t hurt to check it and clean it periodically. Be sure to replace it when it has worn out.

The Best Products for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Pinellas. Pasco and Hernano Counties

Make engine maintenance a routine, and simplify it with prolonged oil change intervals. AMSOIL full synthetic oil can provide the best coverage and most resistant protection at all times without the need for frequent oil changes. Call us now at (727) 798-8552 and start using AMSOIL today.

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