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The Lubrication Needs of Your ATV

ATVs are incredible for having fun in the mud, riding through the dirt and getting through rough terrains. However, in order to make sure that your ride is always safe you must keep your ATV in good conditions. The lubrication needs of your ATV are one of the top things that need to be covered. We previously mentioned how important it is to use quality motor oil in your ATV but today we want to focus on the lubrication system as a whole.

Motor Oil and the Oil Filter Are the Two Lubrication Components That Need to Be Regularly Checked and Replaced

The ATV lubrication system is made up of several important components. The two main things you need to worry about and change regularly is the motor oil and the oil filter. The rest of the components do a pretty good job at carrying out their function without regular maintenance. The motor oil you use in your ATV will not only affect its durability but also its performance. It is very important that you use motor oils specific for the needs of your ATV.

ATVs Need Motor Oil and Oil Filters That Meet Their Needs

You cannot use regular car motor oil in your ATV because the needs of your car and those of an ATV are very different. For one, ATVs function on rough trails and much harsher conditions than most vehicles, they are exposed to rougher environments and require better lubrication. ATV lubricants are usually made to provide a higher level of protection and have higher friction modifiers. ATVs also require other properties from lubricants such as better rust inhibitors. Although most ATV lubricants do a good job at coating the engine from friction they do not all offer the same level of coverage. AMSOIL lubricants are great at ensuring the protection of your ATV engine and making every ride safer. Experience the ultimate protection with AMSOIL products. Contact T's Advanced Synthetics today and try AMSOIL´s quality lubricants and oil filters.

The Importance of Good ATV Lubrication

Since ATV are used in trails and roads that are usually rough they must be in top shape and great conditions. Lack of proper lubrication can lead to malfunctions which can be extremely dangerous when riding. If engine lubrication is not enough or if the oil becomes too dirty it will lead to failure in the engine parts and could ultimately lead to an accident. That is why it is extremely crucial to use good quality motor oil and to ensure that the oil filter is in good shape.

The Need for a Clean ATV Oil Filter

Oil filters are many times overlooked, but they are just as important as the oil you provide for your ATV.  Even the best and highest quality engine oil will eventually start to wear out and be prone to carry impurities. All the dirt and filth that gets into the oil is removed by the oil filter. However, as more and more debris is removed and trapped in the oil filter, the oil filter becomes saturated. This can start to cause problems. If the oil filter becomes full with filth it can begin to pollute the oil that passes through it, instead of cleaning it. Allowing this to continue for too long will quickly begin to destroy the engine´s ability to function and will cause it to break down.

Keep the ATV Oil Filter Clean and Always be Prepared

It is vital that you replace the oil filter before it becomes full with contaminants and creates problems. It is usually necessary to change the oil filter during every oil change and this means around every 100 hours for most ATV models. Your owner´s manual will give you a better idea of how often you need to change the oil and the oil filter. Doing so keeps your ATV engine in better conditions and can help prevent accidents and other unwanted incidents. Staying safe when riding your ATV requires care of your vehicle but also requires being prepared before heading out for every ride. Click here to check out Yamaha´s ATV tool kit post for ideas on how to stay prepared when you head out on your ATV.

The Best Products for Your ATV Synthetic Oil Change in Weeki Wachee

Make sure that your ATV is always in the best conditions by providing quality products  and synthetic lubrication that help maintain it in great shape. Check out AMSOIL's online store or call T's Advanced Synthetics at (727) 798-8552 to select the best products for your ATV.  

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