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How to make sure you cover all the lubrication needs of your ATV and keep the interior and exterior clean. Checking and changing the oil, replacing the oil filter, and maintaining the exterior clean.

ATVs Face More Intense Driving Conditions and Harsher Circumstances

The conditions that ATVs are exposed to, on a regular basis, demand that the engine stays better protected against several factors. Friction is the main culprit of wear and tear in all types of engines. Add to that, the dirt, mud, and filth ATVs encounter and factor in the demand put on the engine to get through difficult trails and obstacles and you will understand why ATVs need more care and superior lubrication. Using a truly reliable motor oil in your ATV facilitates care and maintenance by placing less demand on the engine it reduces the chances of engine damage.

How to Take Care of All the Lubrication Aspects of Your Vehicle

  • Check the oil. The first and thing you need to do is to regularly check the oil in your ATV. It is best to check the oil before you head out for a ride to ensure that all is well. Verify that both the level and quality of the oil is good. Also, inspect the surrounding area to make sure there are no leaks. If you see oil spots or leaks verify if there is any worn out or ripped hose or damaged part of the lubrication system.
  • Change the oil. Oil changes are also important and your owner´s manual will let you know what is the exact change interval that your ATV requires. Since ATVs do not have an odometer, you cannot rely on mileage to know when to change the oil. Instead, go by the hours of operation. Generally, you should change the oil around every 100 hours of use. Some change it every month and others every two to three months depending on the conditions and frequency of use. Even if you don´t use your ATV often you may still need to change it regularly because oil can still decay and become contaminated when your ATV is not in use.
  • Keep the oil filter clean. Besides changing the oil it is also very important that you replace or clean the oil filter. The oil filter carries out an incredibly important job. Without it, the oil cannot fully function very long. However, if not properly replaced as needed it can cause problems that place your engine in danger.
  • Use the right oil filter. Some ATVs have oil filters that can be removed and cleaned, others need to be completely replaced with every oil change. The type of material that the oil filter is made of will also affect how well it can filter out the dirt and contaminants. Some newer oil filters have a synthetic mesh that is more effective in filtering out impurities. Other oil filters are made of regular thicker filtering materials. Follow the recommendations in your owner´s manual and purchase the right ATV oil filter. AMSOIL carries a variety of oil filters to match your ATV requirements. Browse their catalog online or contact T's Advanced Synthetics right now to find the ideal products for the care and lubrication maintenance of your ATV.

It Is Also Important to Keep the Exterior of Your ATV Clean

Getting your ATV dirty is fun. Driving through trails and mud filled roads can make every riding adventure much better but it also means you need to be more diligent with how you care for your tough riding machine. After the dirty fun ride making sure the inside and outside of your ATV is cleaned is fundamental. Otherwise, you may end up facing engine complications and other problems in the long-run. Oil changes and changing your oil filter help keep the engine well lubricated and clean. Yet, the exterior also needs to be cleaned. Make sure you wash your ATV every time you come back from a trail and that you don´t let the mud dry out or get inside without cleaning it. This will ensure that the wiring and other components of your vehicle aren´t corroded by environmental components.

ATV Products and Everything You Need for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Pinellas County

There are also other fluid such as coolant and transmission fluid that your ATV requires. Find all the maintenance products for your ATV at T's Advanced Synthetics. Call them at (727) 798-8552 and ask about their special AMSOIL products and prices.

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