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Caring for Your Boat with the Proper Lubrication

No matter what type of boat you have, chances are you want to make sure it stays in good conditions for a long time. As you already know, caring and maintaining your boat is not the same as caring for your car and other land vehicles. Marine engines have different needs and therefore require specific products that are made especially to meet those needs and demands. It is crucial to understand what your boat´s needs are in order to provide it with the proper care and lubrication that will determine its performance and durability.

Determining the Lubrication Needs of Your Marine Engine

The first thing you need to know is what kind of marine engine your boat has. Nowadays, most boats that are manufactured have four-stroke engines but there are still a significant amount of two-stroke engines on the market. The type of engine your boat has will determine the care and products it requires. Like with all other vehicles and machines that have an engine, good lubrication is one of the most vital necessities to keep your boat running well.

Four-Stroke Engines Require Specific Oil Grade Lubricants

Since a two-stroke and a four-stroke marine engine is very different their lubrication requirements also vary. Four-stroke marine oil is similar to car oil and comes in different oil grades. Yet, it is important to make sure the oil you use in your boat is specified for marine use because although they are similar it is not the same. A car engine and a marine engine differ in many ways. Their workload, system, and the conditions they face are not the same so their lubrication needs are not identical. The type of oil and additives in marine oil need to be different than those in car oil because they need to protect the engine from the specific conditions encountered in a water environment. A car engine has air running through the bottom which assists in keeping it cool. Since marine engines are for the most part closed off inside the boat, it cannot rely on the help of an air current to keep it cool. Instead, it can only count on the water coolant stream that reaches out of the lower unit.

Make Sure Your Marine Engine is Getting the Quality Lubrication With Synthetic Oil

Due to the structure of a boat and engine, the temperature in a marine engine can be incredibly high in comparison to that in a car. Therefore, watercrafts have an even greater need for truly resistant lubricants that withstand intensified levels of heat. This means that marine engines greatly benefit from synthetic oils. Quality synthetic oil provides complete coverage and instant lubrication that performs superbly even in high temperatures. It protects it against friction, heat and all types of corrosive damage that marine engines face. Start using AMSOIL synthetic oil in your marine engine today. Call T's Advanced Synthetics at (727) 798-8552  and ask about AMSOIL´s marine oil for your boat.

Know What Oil Grade Your Four-Stroke Marine Engine Requires and Follow Manufacturer Recommendations

Checking and reviewing what specific type of oil grade your marine engine requires is crucial for maintaining in good conditions and helping it run efficiently. Not following the oil grade that your manufacturer recommends can lead to engine breakdown and will terminate your warranty. So it is important that even if you do not have your owner´s manual in hand, you look it up and find a reliable resource that specifies what oil grade your marine engine requires and what other specific care measures you should take.

Two-stroke Marine Engines and Their Lubrication Needs

The oil in two-stroke marine engines blends along with the fuel. As it circulates it lubricates and burns with the fuel, exiting through the exhaust system. Two-stroke marine engines can either require premixed oil where the oil is mixed previously to you adding into the engine. In this case, there is a certain ratio of oil to fuel that you need to be aware of. There is also injector-safe oil. This type of oil is added to an injector pump on the engine. There, the oil remains in an injector pump which then injects the oil into the fuel-air flow when it goes through the carburetor. All of this specifications are in your owner´s manual and it is crucial that you read and follow the recommendations in regards to the method of insertion, oil type, and specific premix ratios for your two-stroke engine.

Quality Marine Engine Lubrication With a Synthetic Oil Change

Whether you own a two-stroke or four-stroke boat you can be sure that your marine engine will stay protected when you use AMSOIL synthetic oil. Contact T's Advanced Synthetics now, and get the highest-quality marine oil today.

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