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Boat Maintenance Tasks

Choosing the lubricant to match the needs and specific requirements of your boat is a vital part of keeping your boat in good conditions. We recently talked about how to select the proper kind of marine oil for your boat. Today, we want to discuss a few other maintenance tasks that you should complete in order to ensure that your boat is well taken care of.

Protect Your Boat from Corrosion

No matter what type of boat you have, how big or small, it is important to protect its interior and all exposed parts against environmental factors. The sun, salty water, dried leaves, bird droppings and dirt can all lead to corrosion or damage in the different parts and external areas. The simplest way to help get this done is to make sure you wash and clean your boat. It is important to at least rinse off your boat after every use. Ideally, you should clean it on a regular basis. Also, opt for covering your boat to protect it from the UV light. Not doing so can start to fade the paint and color in upholstery as well as wear out different components and cause the hoses to break.

Motor Maintenance and Marine Oil

It is extremely crucial that you take the proper precautions to adequately care for the engine of your watercraft. Check the fuel tanks and other areas for corrosion or rust. Take a look at the fluid levels and always keep the cooling system functioning. One area that you definitely need to thoroughly inspect is the lubrication system. Check the oil levels and quality and change the oil as necessary using the proper marine oil. Ensure that oil filtration is functioning and change the oil filter as well. Be sure to use true quality marine oil in your boat´s engine.

The Best Marine Oil for Your Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic oil is the ideal lubricant for all your marine engine needs. Whether you have a two-stroke or four-stroke boat, you need to make sure that you use lubricants that are specifically formulated for boats. There are different types of two-stroke and four-stroke vehicles and engines, so is necessary that you check and double check that the only lubricant you use in your watercraft be marine oil. Other types of two-stroke or four-stroke oils do not have the specific and properties that marine engines require for water performance. AMSOIL carries the best marine oils to meet the needs of your watercraft and prolong its durability. Contact T's Advanced Synthetics today at (727) 798-8552 and start maintaining your boat the right way with the best products for the job.

Take Care of the Electrical Components

The electrical components of your watercraft also need to be protected and kept safe from oxidation and deterioration. Any malfunction in the electrical system can lead to boating failure and larger issues. You should make it routine to check that all the electrical components stay dry and away from dampness and other dangerous elements. Try to use corrosion inhibitors such as non-conductive grease or water repellent.

Check That the Battery Is in Good Conditions

The battery is another very special and important part of your boat that is vital in order for it to function. You should regularly take a look at the battery to ensure it has survived the dampness and that it has the correct fluid levels. Also, make sure that the battery is always properly charged. It is even more important to make sure that the battery is in good conditions in the case of a problem that requires the bilge pump to be running.

Always Ensure That the Bilge Pump Is Working at Its Best

The bilge pump also needs to be constantly checked and inspected to ensure that it is working at its best. The main function of the bilge pump is to remove residual water that will eventually make its way into the bilge.  If the water is not properly removed and residues remain, it can cause all sorts of other problems from destabilizing to distributing spilled fuel that can damage the components. Any problem can also cause the boat to sink and lead to much damage. Make sure you care for your boat year round. Whether you use it or not during this time of year it is important to prepare your boat for the colder months. To learn how you can winterize your boat and motor read the post, here.

Marine Oil For Your Synthetic Oil Change in Largo

How you care for boat, will determine its performance and its durability. Care for it with the best by using AMSOIL products. At T's Advanced Synthetics you will find the best quality marine oil and other synthetic oils. Contact them today by dialing (727) 798-8552 right now.

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