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Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Engine Care Information That Will Help Keep Your Vehicle Safe This Summer

Nothing can ruin a great road trip like car damage. With summer almost here, now, is the time to start making sure that your engine is well prepared and in top shape for the road. Whether you are going on a road trip or not you still need to make sure that your engine is protected against the intense conditions of the summer weather. With this in mind, today at T's Advanced Synthetics, we want to share some information on the importance of synthetic oil and other engine care aspects that will allow your engine to stay safe even in the heated summer months.

Provide Quality Lubrication for Your Engine and Consider These Factors

The first thing you need to do to keep your engine safe is to provide it with quality lubrication. There are three factors that make an engine lubricant effective. The first is the lubricant´s ability to start protecting immediately against friction. The second is the strength to withstand severe driving conditions and extreme temperatures. The third factor is the lubricant´s power to improve other functions. Since the temperature tends to rise extensively during the summer, your engine needs a lubricant that will withstand severe conditions and provide high levels of performance regardless of the temperature.

Synthetic Oil Provides Immediate Protection Even in The Scorching Summer Heat

Synthetic oil quickly steps up to action when your engine needs it the most. When the engine starts to face higher levels of heat the synthetic oil quickly acts by absorbing part of the heat and cooling down the engine. For the best results, never neglect synthetic oil changes, and always use a trusted synthetic oil brand like AMSOIL. Go to our online store to find quality products that protect your engine against the summer heat, or contact us here, for personalized help in finding what you need.

Synthetic Oil Offers the Best Resistance to Extreme Heat

Since synthetic oil is made of a more resistant chemical structure it does not loose its lubrication properties even when facing extreme heat. Regular motor oil has a tendency to thin out or break down in high temperatures. If the viscosity of the oil is reduced, then the oil will just slip by the engine parts without truly lubricating them. This not only causes wear and abrasion in the engine but it can also increase the heat inside the engine and place the engine in even more danger. Friction itself creates heat, if there is not enough proper lubrication to reduce friction, the temperatures will continue to rise. To get a better idea on how friction creates heat, be sure to read this online article on friction.

Other Benefits and Improvements That Synthetic Oil Provides When Facing High Temperatures

Full synthetic oil offers more than just remarkable lubrication and protection, it also provides other benefits that many regular oils cannot. The summer weather along with the regular heat that is created in the engine cause a certain percent of the oil to be absorbed into the atmosphere. Many conventional motor oils have an evaporation loss of around 20 percent. In order to meet API SL standards, evaporation loss can be of no more than 14%. However, most synthetic oils have an evaporation loss that is much lower than that, some are as low as 5 percent.

Other Aspects That You Need to Take Care of When Preparing Your Vehicle for the Summer

Besides making sure that your engine has sufficient quality lubrication. You also need to check that there is enough coolant in the system. Read more about the standard maintenance needs and cooling system of your engine, here. In the summer, the roads are and concrete also heat up quickly and the tires of your car may deteriorate faster. Makins sure that you always carry a spare tire in good condition is important, and also replace any very worn out tires as needed.

Great Benefits for Your Vehicle With Synthetic Oil Changes in Weeki Wachee

With summer just around the corner, there is no better time to start tuning up your car and making sure all maintenance is up to date. This is especially true if you´re planning a road trip for this summer vacation. So make sure you keep your engine in great shape and your family safe. Use AMSOIL for all your synthetic oil changes and other engine maintenance needs. Call us at (727) 798-8552 and get your vehicle the best engine care products, today.

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